FFWD’s: Usher – Versus

Alright folks, I’ve already done a review of Usher’s Raymond vs. Raymond. You know how I feel about that one. Usher took it upon himself to try and reinvent himself with a follow-up album called Versus. The album is supposed to include new singles and remixes of some tracks from the RvR so it can be considered Part II of RvR. I’m not a big fan of sequals. Period.

Usher has a few select tracks that I feel deep down to the core. However, the rest of the album is of such a nature where I am like, “Why Usher? Why!!!” Versus is supposed to be his emotional outlet from the divorce and being a single-father. That’s all well and good but it seems like he threw all that to the wayside and hit straight to the celebration. I was under the impression he was gonna go deep, deep, deep, deeeeeep, down into his soul but I was brought up short with more tracks of him being newly single and letting the world know it.

He has some really great help on these tracks. Some of the same producers on RvR is credited here such as Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Polow da Don, Rico love, and Alexander “Prettyboifresh” Parhm, Jr. , etc. Nice beats. Great sounds but I was pulled into this album on a premise and this album really didn’t live up to that premise. This album can be played in the club. Literally. It goes from the workout, to the slow-it-down, to the bump and grind. Nothing wrong at all. It’s the perfect album for the club-hoppers and get-togethers. Nothing inspires a romantic evening.

Bottom Line:
I will always give Usher his props because he’s an individual. He will go places not many artists will touch but on this one, I was duped. Doesn’t mean the sound was lost. Just his voice.

Soulections: “DJ Got Us Fallin in Love” , “Lingerie”,  “Stranger”

Listen to Usher “Stranger”


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