Article Rewind: If I Were Starting A Label…

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Let’s imagine that I had the capital to start a label, only caveat is that it had to consist of all YouTube artists. Now, before you scoff, your man Soulja Boy came from YouTube as well as So So Def’s newest artist Dondria. There is some legit talent on there, and yea, there are some...others. I think I have a good ear, so who would I pick? Well, in no particular order:

YouTube Channel: C-Dizzle69
I’d use her real name, Celina Graves, as her stage name. Yes, let’s get the nonsense out of the way, she’s a lesbian. I don’t give a shit about that and while folks seem to think that may be a problem with marketing, I think it will help. Besides, talent outshines everything; shout out to crack, cocaine, domestic violence, and pissing on and smutting out underage kids. Celina’s voice is no joke at all plus she can play instruments. Her personality and fun demeanor will only help her gain fans, while her confidence and skills will shoot her to the top of the charts. For example:

YouTube Channel: Alcohol Harmony
Download the mixtape
His legal name is Durand Bernarr and his CD’s would all be called Alcohol Harmony. They’d have different themes after that or whatever, but he has a campaign that will work fine in the biz. Vocally, he puts you in the mindset of a Rahsaan Patterson…that’s the closest I can think of. He flexes his vocals and range on his YouTube videos but he is a lot more controlled and deliberate on his mixtape. I’ve downloaded the mixtape and it stays in heavy rotation in the whip and on the iPod. You need to check him out.

YouTube Channel: Lovett1989
He’s already using his real name and it works. George Lovett is a pretty “regular” name for a man with a very superior voice. His rendition of A “Wonderful World” is fantastic and slept on. His range and power are extraordinary and he makes it seem effortless. He only has 3 videos, but you can’t front on his voice at all.

YouTube Channel: Craigndem
The Craig Lewis Band consists of 2 guys, Craig and Lewis. When I first ran across their page and songs, I think I listened on repeat for a good hour. “Them boys good!” Craig has the Life Jennings type of raspy powerful voice with some great range. Lewis has the higher voice and he can really belt out the notes. Together, they are an incredible duo.

What YouTube artists would you pick?


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  2. Yonnie 3000 says:

    My favorite You Tube artists are Anhayla Rene ( and the violinist Eric Stanley ( and Check out the first Eric Stanley link. He took a song I hate, by an artist that I detest, and made me love it enough to put it on my iPod.

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