Jamie Foxx ft. Rick Ross – Living Better Now

As previously noted in yesterdays article, I stan for YahZarah and FE music group. I also am an official card carrying member of Team Foxx…(place obligatory nohomo here). From In Living Color, to Peep This, Unpredictable, and Intuition,  to his stand ups, the Jamie Foxx show, and even Foxxhole radio I’ve been a fan of dude’s talent. Hell, I even watch Bait 9/10 it comes on. I’ve heard him talk about his new album (which is set to drop in December) and I’m looking forward to it. His last album went platinum without the help of the Weezy song, which I felt should have been a single. He already has people singing and dancing to the chorus of a song that he hasn’t even released, “Yep it’s me, YEP.” The song I’m featuring today though, is helped out by his new homie, Rick Ross’t't as Jamie says (Ross always puts 2 t’s at the end of words like Foxx’t't.) Let me know what you think of this song called “Living Better Now”.


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