The Numbers Game | Busy week for R&B

Hip hop is once again at the top of the charts and I gotta acknowledge Yeezy going gold in 2 weeks and Nicki sure to go gold in the next 2. Congrats to both of them…but let’s talk about the Soulections type of stuff. Jazmine Sullivan debuts at 17 on the list  & Chrisette Michele enters at #25. I haven’t been able to listen to Jazmine’s full album but I really dig Chrisette’s album and is my personal favorite out of her 3 albums so far.  Eric Benet’s spot is disappointing to me especially because it’s such a good album. Like I’ve said several times on this site before, sales don’t necessarily reflect album quality. Ne-Yo’s album sales dropped off hard probably because of the end of the Black Friday Sale on and that’s unfortunate too. I think dude is crazy talented and has been on his promotion game hard for this album. Oh, as you check the rest of the numbers….look at Rihanna and Mariah…keep your eyes on those.

#6 The Black Eyed Peas/The Beginning (Last Week: NA) – 119,000; Total: NA [Debut]
#7 Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Last Week: #1) – 1087,400; Total: 605,500 (Gold) [2 Weeks]
#8 Nicki Minaj/Pink Friday (Last Week: #2) – 103,100; Total: 479,700 [2 Weeks]
#10 Rihanna/Loud (Last Week: #6) – 77,000; Total: 424,700 [3 Weeks]
#12 Mariah Carey/Merry Christmas II (Last Week: #28) – 64,700; Total: 230,000 [5 Weeks]
#17 Jazmine Sullivan/Love Me Back (Last Week: NA) – 55,700; Total: NA [Debut]
#24 Eminem/Recovery (Last Week: #25) – 43,600; Total: 3,096,400 (3X Platinum) [24 Weeks]
#25 Chrisette Michele/Let Freedom Reign (Last Week: NA) – 42,100; Total: NA [Debut]
#31 Bruno Mars/Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Last Week: #36) – 34,700; Total: 232,100 [9 Weeks]
#33 Eric Benet/Lost In Time (Last Week: NA) – 32,200; Total: NA [Debut]
#34 Ne-Yo/Libra Scale (Last Week: #9) – 31,500; Total: 144,000 [2 Weeks]
#40 Lil’ Wayne/I Am Not A Human Being (Last Week: #31) – 26,300; Total: 537,600 (Gold) [10 Weeks]
#50 Ron Isley/Mr. I (Last Week: NA) – 22,400; Total: NA [Debut]
#89 Slim Thug/Tha Thug Show (Last Week: NA) – 13,800; Total: NA [Debut]
#90 Souja Boy/The DeAndre Way (Last Week: NA) – 13,400; Total: NA [Debut]

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