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I was fortunate enough to get Teresa Jenee to answer a few questions for me as an extra feature. Take a second to check it out!

Saule Wright: When did you decide you wanted to do music full time?

Teresa Jenee: I don’t know if I really decided that yet, I often battle in my head whether I should pursue music and be broke for a minute or get a corporate job and live comfy. So far the efforts to get people to embrace what I’m doing is keeping me in the art world. As long as I can see this progress…Imma keep fighting to remain on this side of life.

SW: Being from the Da Lou (slides you a Vess and some Red Hot Riplets) who were the biggest influences to your musical style?

TJ: My biggest influences were in the gospel, soft rock and neo soul genres. I listened to a lot of Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, Elton John, and Erykah Badu.

SW: Elton John even? Interesting! That leads me right to the next question. You’ve been quite candid about how modest you are (in relation to leggings and fashion) because of your Christian upbringing, why not sing gospel music exclusively as opposed to “secular” music?

Ha! Yeah…I’ve never had a desire to sing gospel music. I mean, what IS gospel anyway? Just a title. I feel that the message within the song defines that title, not the other way around. In a way I do think I am singing “gospel”…just not in the format or package some Christians would expect me to.

SW: That’s valid, I hear you. What are your favorite songs from The Ecklectic album and why?

TJ: “Suicide Revenge” is my favorite by far. Its based out of my pain. Its still touches me on my bad days. I feel powerful after hearing it. “In Your Eyes”, “Hello”, “Break My Heart”, are all songs I love, but that “Suicide Revenge”…holds a special place within.

SW: I have to say that Suicide Revenge is probably my favorite song that I’ve heard from
you. Is there a story behind that particular song?

“Suicide Revenge” is my “revenge” on my planned self destruction back in 2010. Hard to talk about outside of the song, but it happened to me. Life pushed me to my edge…this song is my personal testimony.

SW: Honestly, that personal attachment to the song comes through when you hear it. So what’s next from you, any tours, mixtapes, albums, etc. coming out?

I’m planning some regional tours starting this summer going into the fall. My album (that I had to push back) should be done by then. The tentative title for it is “The EK2: Live In Studio”.

I’d like to thank Teresa for taking time out to answer those questions. Be sure to find out when she’ll be in your town and make sure to download the free EP and buy her latest album! Links Below.

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