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Hey fam, I was able to sit down with The CraigLewis Band and get them to answer a few quick questions for us. Check them out after the jump.

Saule Wright:  How’d the two of you meet and decide to form a group?

CriagLewis Band: We meet in a talent show. We were originally a four (4) man group but after a few years it just became the (2) of us. We’ve always been really good friends and had a mutual respect for each others voice. So, we decided to sing together as a duo.

SW:  Who are your biggest musical influences?

CL: We are influenced by a lot of great artist but a few are Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, K-C and JoJo, Luther Vandross, Sam and Dave and so many more.

SW:  What’s stopped you from trying to achieve success solo, as you both have amazing voices and could be stars individually?

CL: We have just always loved singing together.

SW: That’s simple and right to the point, love it. What are your favorite songs from the Craig Lewis Band Album?

CL: Well we wrote the entire album so we have a personal attachment to all of the songs but “Tell me” , “Leave (somebody gotta go)”   “Without You”, “I want you back” and “No strings attached” are some of our Favorites

SW: My favorite song on your album is “We Need To Talk.” Who wrote this for you if it wasn’t yourselves and can you talk about the thought process when creating this song?

CL: We wrote “We need to talk” a friend of ours was going through a similar situation and we just wrote about it. We like to write about things that people can relate to. Subjects like that people don’t always like to talk about but it happens. A lot of people say that’s their favorite song.

SW: What’s next from you, any tours, mixtapes, albums, etc. coming out?

CL: We are currently on the road doing spot dates. So, look for us in your city soon. Also, we are working on a old school album that pays tribute to some of the great artist who we love and paved the way for us.

I’d like to thank the guys for taking time to answer a few questions for me. Be sure to buy their album on Amazon, iTunes, and Napster just to name a few. You can connect to the group here:

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