Teresa Jenee | The Ecklectic [Independent Spotlight]

Often, I’m asked “who are some artists to look for? Who’s puttin’ out music but not really getting the exposure.” I thought, what better way to answer those questions with a week long event. We’ve done this a few times at nappyafro and got a great response, I’m hoping for the same here. Those of you that know me from around the net, know that I put on for my city, so it should be no shocker that the first artist I’m featuring on our first Indy Week here at Soulections, is a St. Louis artist. We featured her mixtape once before and I hope you listened then and downloaded the ep. This time, I’m going to put you on to her official album that you can buy here on her bandcamp page or on iTunes.

The Ecklectic dropped in 2009 and really added fuel to the Teresa Jenee movement. On the heels of this album, she’s been able to perform with other Soulections favorites like Eric Roberson. The album kicks off with “Sunday” which come across as light-hearted and romantic. I’d really like to see her perform this one because the tracks gives her vocals plenty of room to breathe much like we witnessed on “In Your Eyes” and “Suicide”. We were fortunate enough to hear “Freedom” on her free mixtape so I won’t discuss that too much, other than to say I dig that track a lot. TJ rocks out a bit on “Tortoise vs. Hare” and it  feels like more like a recorded jam session and an exhibitionist art song than traditional music that you’d hear on the radio. The lyrics and emotions of the song are directly in synch with the music to create more a feel and experience than most other songs.

My favorite song on this album is a tie between “Fader” and “Suicide” which appeal to me for different reasons. I think what I like the most about “Fader” is that much like “Sunday”, it feels like we get a better feel of her personality on these songs. “Fader” also incorporates a lot more of Hip Hop vibe on the hook and then transitions back to some light airy singing on the bridge. Those two elements so closely knit together on this song along with a great bassline and some scratching here and there really help this song stand out for me.  On “Suicide” TJ speaks promise and positive vibes to anyone who needs a pick me up. Having her sing the first few verses over just some strings really gives this a closeness and sincerity that comes through the speakers. It’s not only the longest song on the album, but probably the most demonstrative of her singing skills and artistic vision. The song builds up until about 4:30 in when the drums come in, the tempo picks up, and everything is louder and more emphatic as she sings “You’re not s’posed to die / when you were born to win / I say live again / live again!”

Bottom Line:
I expect big things from Teresa, and that’s not just my St. Louis bias talking. I really think she has the kind of voice, personality, and artistic vision to succeed in this business. Go buy this album, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Contact details:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/LoveEKlectic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=64506792
Bandcamp: http://teresajenee.bandcamp.com/
Booking: jenebooking@gmail.com

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  1. saule wright says:

    I let this one ride today, love this album.

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