High and Dry | Jamie Cullum

I know it’s only been like 2 weeks since I did a Song Of The Week, but it feels like forever. This week, I decided to go with one of my favorite artists singing live in one of my favorite cities. This young dude has some serious vocals and I can only think of a few artists that I can put in their entire discography and just push play, this is one of them. Keeping with the favorites theme, this is of course, one of my favorite songs that he sings. Ok, I’m running out of build up, so let’s get to the music for this weeks, Song Of The Week.

“High and Dry” – Jamie Cullum


  1. Clay Davis says:

    Hey Saule I Didn’t know you where into Jamie Cullum

  2. saule wright says:

    I have his entire discog too Clay. Dude makes great music. I can listen to him, Harry Connick Jr., Sinatra, Groban, damn near endlessly.

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