Maimouna Youssef | The Magic Black Woman The EP [Independent Spotlight]

We were all probably  introduced to Maimouna Youssef aka MouMou Fresh by one of the best Hip Hop acts to ever do it, The Roots. She sung on “It Don’t Feel Right.” Back then, I didn’t take notice to who it was. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, while kicking it on one of my favorite internet spots, The Cut Cafe, I hear someone singing, then rapping, then doing poetry with no loss in quality. I asked who it was, and I copped the EP right then.

Her EP is a great introduction to Mou Mou and the artistry she’s bringing to the industry. She weaves her music around interview questions that really give you some insight to how her marvelous mind works. The EP is so brief and calculated that I can’t talk about each song without ruining it for you. I think my favorite singular moment from a sonic standpoint is “You Ain’t Heard.” This is the first song on the EP and i features Mou Mou doing the emcee bit of her triple threat (singing, emceeing, poetry). If you check me out on you know that I have a soft spot for females….and female emcees. Hearing her flow about social issues, telling her story, and then singing on the hook give me a  lot of promise for the future of this industry.

Bottom Line:
I don’t know if it’s possible to dislike her music if you like any R&B, Soul, Blues, Hip Hop or poetry because she has them all covered. With the understanding that she has a responsibility to connect people and convey a message using her talents, she’s able to create art that speaks to your most surface levels as well as reaches you in a way that others cant. This EP will leave you begging for more and chomping at the bit for her full album.

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  1. Designers Original says:

    yesssss! i miss her everytime she performs and happened to stumble across her chillin at a open mic in Dc. Maimouna is the trooof

    • saule wright says:

      yeah, I must have missed her too. I lived out there for 2 years and didn’t hear about her until I moved to Texas.

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