Making The Band | Soul Edition

I was listening to an interview the other day and heard Tyrese talking about the supergroup, TGT (Tyrese Ginuwine Tank), the group that never happened. That lead me to think of LSG (Levert Sweat Gill), another group that was comprised of solo artists that joined to form a supergroup. That and a forum topic got me to thinking, what soul/R&B groups would I make if I had the power. Come with me if you will…and don’t kill me too much over the names..

Group Members:
Ledisi and Rachelle Ferrell

Group Name: Elite
Quite simply, two of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Along with the vocals to blow you out the water, they also have the range to seduce you out of your clothes. I don’t think these two would ever have problems or break up like so many groups do as they stay clear of drama and are so well respected.

Group Members
: Eric Benet and Eric Roberson

Group Name: ERmotion
These brothas are again, two of my favorites and each have two of the better discographies that I own. I have days that I put them on random and just listen to whatever comes up, and not have to worry about hitting “next.” Both have made some great duet songs and are extremely gifted songwriters on their own so I imagine that together, we’d get some fabulous music.

Group Members: Brian McKnight and Jamie Foxx/Tank
Group Name: HarMENee
I honestly don’t have much to go on here, I just think the vocals would be fantastic. While Jamie/Tank (and that is done that way because they sound so much alike) tend to be more aggressive and suggestive with their music, Brian McKnight leans more towards the sensitive side, there would be some nice balance between the two.

Group Members: Avery Sunshine, Chrisette Michelle, Raphael Saadiq, and Rahsaan Patterson
Group Name: Pure
As I thought of this one, I got excited. I can only imagine the sweet musical sounds and lyrics that would come from this group. I think they’d be able to play any instrument put in front of them and the content of the songs would be as diverse as we could ever imagine. I’m on a roll, someone needs to get me some phone numbers.

Group Members: Jazmine Sullivan and Anthony Hamilton
Group Name: Passion2Pain
I know I’m not alone here. Jaz and Ant have that gruff and gritty sound that grab you like most others can’t. I wish they would do a remake of Charlene and have Jaz playing as Charlene and respond. Ok, someone get someone on the phone, this group must happen.

Put together your own groups, who you goin with?


  1. Clay Davis says:

    Saule, what you ever think about Lucy Pearl?

    • saule wright says:

      some really good music. I still don’t understand what happened to them. Folks LOVED the music, almost on some cult following shit.

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