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It’s always a pleasure to write up on new artists and today is no different. This is the first I’ve heard of Keke Wyatt. As a solo artist she’s been in the business for 10 years. Last year she released Who Knew and is now back only a year later with Unbelievable.

Let’s see how believable she is…

1. Light Me Up
Despite the song title this is not a song about Snoop’s favourite past time. Instead we’re treated to a corny, syrup filled track about love. Depending if you’re a romantic or not the song either comes off as a delightful ode to a lover or a sappy song. There’s some suspect lines here like: “I need a shower, so baby rain on me” then there’s the extremely clichéd ones: “sugar, lips so sweet/like morning dew is to the spring.”I have a bad feeling this will be the theme through out the album. Wyatt proves she has a great voice though.

2. Unbelievable
Silly robot voices to cover up a decent set of vocals? Not a good sound. Luckily it’s only used for the chorus. The chorus is a little strange, talking about unicorns and talking animals. I guess it goes with the title Unbelievable. Wyatt does manage to leave the auto-tune alone for some of the song to really stretch those vocal cords. Can tell this is made for radio with it up beat pace and sugar coated lyrics.

3. Mirror
Feturing Kelly Price And Tweet

Things get slow down for an emotional heartfelt ballad. This has that Boys 2 Men 90’s soul feel to it. All 3 hold their own on their parts of the song. The story here is about looking in the mirror and convincing yourself you need to be stronger and confident in the next relationship. Decent track.

4. Love Under New Management
I’m trying really hard not to judge the songs from their titles but you gotta admit this one is pretty funny. But I’m not going to judge a book by its cover. I’m really digging the way the beat changes up and the way Wyatt flexes her vocal chords to match the pace. Wyatt touches on moving on with a new love. Good track.

5. Tap Out
All right things get sexy. Wyatt uses (quite cleverly) analogies between fighting and having sex. Don’t think SMS by Rihanna. It’s actually a smooth make out song with a bit of bite. Liking this one.

6. Saturday Love
Featuring Ruben Studdard
I can’t front, this funky beat has got my head bobbin’. Wyatt shows off some airy notes with Studdard playing the background. I wasn’t surprised to find out this is a cover of an 80’s hit. This will defiantly become my guilty pleasure song, hidden deep in my Ipod.

7. Miss Your Plane
A very honest song about a desperate attempt to keep someone around even though they have to go far away. Wyatt has a good knack at expressing pain in her voice and it’s shown here. “I know it’s missed up for me to say…I hope a storm keeps you here let it rain/ that for some reason you’re late to your gate…I hope you miss your plane.”

8. Enough
If you ever want to listen to something that will inspire you to leave behind that horrible and intense love in the past, then this is it right here. Wyatt leaves nothing to the imagination with her honest lyrics. Again the production here is great. Could use more of this type of openness on the album.

9. Travel The World (Love Uses Time)
Another song about love and regret. Not a bad track just the theme is a little tired here. Liking the trickling piano riff but still nothing overly great.

10. Tears in Heaven
This is kind of weird. Wyatt does a cover of Eric Clapton’s very personal song about the death of his young son. Don’t really understand why she chose to release this on the album. Maybe the song has touched on one of Wyatt’s own experiences but she doesn’t do it much justice. Would stick to the original if I were you.

11. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
No beat. No instruments. No acoustic guitar. Just a great acapella track for Wyatt to prove she can hold a note and then some. The last track should have been left off and just finished on this one. The subject matter is about Jesus and God, which doesn’t resinate much with me, but Wyatt does put enough passion into it for it to be touching.

Bottom line:
One of the good things about Unbelievable is that it’s not over saturated with guest appearances. This allows Wyatt to show she can hold her own. It’s hit or miss with this album at times. Sometimes Wyatt is honest and it sounds great (His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Miss Your Plane). Other times she sounds cliché and a bit too sappy (Light Me Up, Unbelievable). The production is great and Wyatt proves she knows how to lay down vocals on all kinds of different beats. Just the tiniest bit too sugar coated.

Soulections: “Enough”, “Tap Out”





  1. saule wright says:

    I gotta say myself, I’ve heard some of her songs, but I’m not extremely well versed on her either. One thing I hear consistently is that she has a really nice voice. That song with Tweet and Kelly Price is definitely something I want to hear too. I’ll give this one a listen.

  2. JMarguerite says:

    So, I’ve never listened to an entire Keke Wyatt album. I have her first album somewhere in my archives, but never listened to it. You can’t deny, she has an amazing voice. I saw she had a new album when I saw it album, but I’ve just never wanted to buy one of her albums! I don’t know why though…
    Anywho, I probably still won’t buy this album, maybe listen to it on youtube or something. “Love Under New Management” is a remake. It was originally sang by Miki Howard.

    • saule wright says:

      Yeah, when I read that title as well as the last song, I figured they were both remakes, quotis is new to her though so he probably hadn’t heard either song. I’m going to shell out the change and check this one out.

      • JMarguerite says:

        I don’t know…as beautiful as her voice is, I’ve just never been interested in one of her albums. You check it out and let me know how it is. LOL

  3. Quotis says:

    my bad on missing the remake songs. yeah like saule said she’s new to me. but thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Clay Davis says:

    I had never heard of her before until now, she has a good voice and in the beginning Light Me up had me confused but she seems good.

  5. saule wright says:

    Shit, there are a few remakes on here. Finally got around to getting this album. I’m diggin’ it. She got PIPES.

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