What gets reviewed?

More times than not, I’m a solo crew over here and there has been a plethora of albums dropped this last few weeks and I’m a bit over my head. So, I’m asking my readers for help, after all, if you’re not reading, why should I write it? So I’m asking 2 questions.


1. Which albums do you want to see reviewed? (either list them in order from most to least or pick 2 or three you really want done)

Lil’ Mo – PS I Love Me
Tyrese – Open Invitation
Boyz II Men – Twenty
Seal – Soul 2
Keith Sweat – The Morning
Goapee – Break of Dawn


2. Do you want these reviews to be track by track (will take longer) or a summary style?


Please leave your response in the comments section or hit me on twitter @saulewright.


  1. JMarguerite says:

    Goapele-Break of Dawn
    Boys II Men-Twenty
    Lil Mo- PS I Love Me
    Tyrese- Open Invitation
    Keith Sweat-The Morning
    Seal- Soul 2
    I prefer track by track, but since I haven’t heard any of these, I would rather you do a summary! LOL. Good Luck! (Oh, and I really could care less about Keith Sweat’s or Seal’s albums…)

  2. Clay Davis says:

    Goapele Goapele Goapele, every song I’ve heard so far has been featuring her so in my opinion she should be first. Then, Seal, Tyrese Boyz II Men, Lil Mo,and Keith Sweat. Maybe the biggest release track by track then summary for the rest

  3. Mike C says:

    I love your track by track reviews so my choice is quite simple… And as it goes for a reviews order – here is my list:
    1. Boyz II Men
    2. Tyrese
    3. Lil’ Mo

  4. saule wright says:

    wow! Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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