The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence [Mixtape]

*knocks off the dust* oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.Thought I’d come out of being overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time by releases to post something of note. Now I know folks wanted a review of that Anthony Hamilton but every site in the world was streaming it, you could have listened to it for at least 2 weeks for free. Oh, and it’s dope so if you haven’t heard it, go get it. Other projects, Carl Thomas, Boyz II Men, Mary J. were all okay, but didn’t move me enough one way or the other to write about them. There was other stuff too, my brain hurts. Anyway, lets talk about free stuff.

I’ve posted a few times about T-Dot upcoming star The Weeknd, who has just dropped another mixtape (as a graphic designer, I’m in love with the way he brands the mixtape covers). This is the latest in his series and I could bet money it’s dope. Check it out, it’s free ya know?


Download: The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence



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  1. JMarguerite says:

    Thank you for the link. I’ve been looking for it!!! Even though they streamed the Anthony Hamilton, I think you should still do it! I’m bias. :-) Carl Thomas wasn’t good? So, we aren’t going to get the “Emotional” Carl?

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