Can I Have This Dance?

Someone commented the other day that clubs no longer play slow songs. Now, while that’s news to me because I’m not a club guy, I do remember as a teenager that the little clubs we went to didn’t play them often anyway…it’s a club! That did get me to thinking about the school dances and having a really good slow dance with someone. Some songs I can’t help but think about them because of how sexy that dance was. This post is dedicated to nostalgia and good ass slow dance jams from my childhood….High School, I ain’t THAT fast.


“Sexual” – Shai
Yes, “If I Ever…” was the jam. Let’s be honest though, how many of us can dance to that song without trying to sing it….exactly. We had more folks lip-synching and acting out when this came on instead of dancing. However, when the DJ played this song, it was ON and poppin’. Now, I don’t remember this being played at any school socials, but I know the house parties had this one on deck. It’s still one of my favorite Shai songs…yes lawdt.


“Loose Control” – Silk
Of course “Freak Me” was a favorite, but c’mon, that’s too easy..and some of y’all have kids because of that song. “Lose Control” was one of the songs that really set it off for the kid. Being a big boy even then, I was left with many a sweaty Rayon shirt thanks to this song, and I didn’t mind. The girls used to get extra close on this one. Thank you Silk, for making this song.


“Seems Like You’re Ready” – R.Kelly
See the way you just turned your nose up, BEFORE the scandal, this dude was a can’t miss musical genius. I know that all his songs have a bit of a different vibe to them now, but get in the Delorean with me real quick. Swindin’ (swayin’ and grindin’) was born to music like this. The girls would get so close and turned on to this song, you’d be “pokin” them and they ain’t mind. I don’t know how this song made the playlist at my school socials and dances, but I’m thankful.



“insert Jodeci songs here”
Man, it’s impossible to pick one Jodeci song, especially to pick one over the other and it’s not just me being indecisive. The DJ’s used to play a Jodeci block. This is when they would go grab a snack or smoke cause they knew nobody was gonna complain. You can put “Stay”, “Forever My Lady”, “U&I”, “I’m Still Waiting”,  and that’s just off the first album. Even with the weird breakdown at the end of “Stay” when you didn’t know what to do because the beat was gone…but y’all still wanted to dance, you’d figure it out until the next track started playing. Jodeci, for me, are the undisputed champs of the slow dance from my HS years.  Just put JODECI in YouTube…I told you I couldn’t pick.


For you, what are your fave slow dance tracks?

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  1. JMarguerite says:

    Yo, I have ALL of these in my iTunes library! Silk’s “Lose Control” still makes me slow wind, and ANY Jodeci song…yea…ummm hmmm…

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