“SMFU (Save Me From You)” – Dawn Richard [Video]

Back when that Making the Band search started, D.Woods and Dawn Richard were my favorites. D.Woods has gone the indie route and Dawn was (stuck?) with Puff. She’s working on her own project,  GoldenHeart (and hey, after being this loyal, he owes her this one). This lead single is really dope and has me excited for the album. I hope we get to hear more music in the near future. Check the vid and let me know what you think.

“SMFU (Save Me From You)” – Dawn Richard


  1. JMarguerite says:

    Dawn was ALWAYS my favorite. I always thought she was a standout with an AMAZING voice. I love hearing her voice on songs like this. They used a lot of autotune on her voice in Danity Kane, and I never knew why. This makes me want to buy her album already and I hope she has more songs like this. I hope she makes a record with Frank Ocean. I think he would be great for her, just like I think him working with Brandy is a great look.

    • Saule Wright says:

      I’m with you on wanting to cop this when it comes out. I didn’t know Frank Ocean was working with Brandy. He better be careful, Brandy got PIPES.

  2. JMarguerite says:

    Yea, I don’t think it’s a duet, I think he’s writing and producing, which I think he is uber talented at. Brandy does have the pipes, but I honestly think they would be a great team. Hopefully he can bring her back to that “Full Moon” vibe because I really didn’t like “Human” AT ALL! There wasn’t one song that I can say I liked. My sister is a HUGE Brandy fan…I’ve always been a Monica fan, so I’m hoping they both come out with something great!

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